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Greetings  from  Theresa
Why would I rent a billboard to find a husband?
I am simply ready to be a wife and a Mom. I realize this isn't the most conventional method of finding a husband, but is anything really "conventional" anymore? I tried trusting fate; all that got me was a boyfriend who wanted me to be Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie, and another that balanced his checkbook better than he balanced a relationship.*   I tried "not looking" as everyone says you meet someone just when you stop looking, but personally, I think if you're looking for something, it might help if you LOOK! Because there are thousands of single men in Nashville, and I am only looking for one. I just want one man driving by this billboard who wants to marry me. Big deal, you don't know me, you've never met me, and at this point, it's possible you never will, but is that any reason not to want to marry me? ;-) I believe the answer to Melvin Udall (AKA Jack Nicholson) is no, this is not “As Good As It Gets." And, sometimes I hear this voice telling me "If you build it, they will come." Build it... Billboard, close enough. I've done my part. Not to mention everywhere I go, I see signs that say Just Do It! Nike, consider it done! And, of course there are the obvious reasons. I need someone to check my oil, put air in my tires, take out the trash, and change those darn light bulbs I can't reach.  (I'm just kidding, keep reading) I believe if nothing comes from this, I will be just as happy as I am now and if something does, I will be even happier. If you’re still asking yourself, “Why would someone do this? "The answer is simple.  I have nothing to lose.

*All persons and events depicted above are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, ex -boyfriends, or incidents is purely coincidental, or quite possibly the sign of a guilty conscience.

Whether you passed my billboard on I-24 West before the Haywood Lane exit (formerly located on I-65 South before the Metro Center Blvd exit), or you have simply heard by word of mouth, let me thank you for coming to my website.  I realize money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you a really big sign to help you find it. Throughout the course of this adventure I will be using my "Updates" page as a means to communicate with you. I will give updates on my responses and supply you with information that may be of interest to you, like best emails of the day.

First, for anyone who may be thinking they could never date, nevertheless marry a girl who would do this, let me say this was not an easy decision. Am I nervous about doing this? Of course I am nervous, but I have decided that I am not going to meet anyone sitting at home watching Lifetime Television for Women. With all that has happened lately I have come to believe if you truly want something, you need to do whatever it takes to get it. Life is too short to sit back and wait for the one thing you want most in life. All I have done is increase my chances (by a mere one million passing cars) of meeting a really nice guy, and maybe one or two psychos. Let's try not to hold that against me.

If you would like to respond, you may do so by email, but you will also need to send pictures to my po box that can be matched up to your email. This is hard to do with the amount of emails and letters I receive so please consider using my po box for all correspondence. Please send pictures of yourself, and anyone who is important to you such as your children. (Pictures of you are required and CANNOT be returned, so please send copies if necessary) PLEASE DO NOT SEND PICTURES VIA EMAIL. Due to so many viruses and the amount of time and space it takes to download them I will no longer open email attachments of any kind. In order to receive a response from me you will need to send a DETAILED description of yourself similar to what I have provided. I will contact people that send sincere replies that took some serious thought. A short paragraph or very brief letter will not be considered enough information. Please understand I am not trying to be demanding, but I need LOTS of information before I will attempt to contact you.

Feel free to send anything you like, anything that will give me an idea as to the type of person you are. I really don't believe I will be able to get as much from a simple email, so that is why I encourage you to use my po box. It will also be much easier to keep pictures and letters together. I realize that doing this means putting forth a little extra effort, but let's keep in mind, this wasn't exactly an easy task for me, or for poor Jim and Crissy, my dear friends who have spent hours helping me with this website. I have invested a lot of time and a couple of dollars to get your attention, all I am asking is that you try to get mine.

VERY IMPORTANT: Information regarding responses from outside Tennessee.

If you're going to write to me and you do not live in the Nashville area you must indicate in your letter how you will go about meeting me, or how often you will be able to visit to get to know me. I am searching for a husband, someone I can spend time with now; I am not searching for a long distance relationship or an online friendship. For now, this is my home, and if you are writing from somewhere else, you need to express your willingness to come to Nashville to meet me and your ability to visit often to get to know me. If your letter doesn't make mention of this, it will have to be added to the "no" pile. I hope you understand.


Please be sure to include information on how I can contact you in the future.

P.O. Box 331181
Nashville, TN 37203-7511

What I Wish For
I am looking for someone who wants to focus his energy on starting a relationship and having a family in the somewhat near future. I would hope to meet Mr. Right here in Nashville, but I don’t believe you can really pin point the location of your soulmate. I hope to meet someone who likes to go out occasionally, but I have had my entire life to go to bars and be single, and now I am ready to be a wife and a Mom. I am not looking for someone who is jealous or insecure, but I am looking for someone who is financially secure. I support myself independently, and I am looking for someone who is capable of doing the same. I only want you to enrich my life, not finance it. I would like to be with someone who cares about appearance. I’m not looking for a six-pack, but please don’t have a “keg” either. I want someone who has a sincere interest in being a part of my family and allowing me to be a part of his. Someone who stops unexpectedly in mid sentence trying to find screws at Home Depot just to tell me he loves me. Imagine that, a guy at the ultimate guy store who stops and thinks, Hey, I love this girl, AND takes a few seconds to say it. Not an everyday occurrence, but I know it's possible. I saw it happen once. I simply want someone who wants to wake up, make out, go to work, come home, cook dinner, drink ice cold milk with hot chocolate chip cookies, read bed time stories to the kids, make out some more, and fall asleep..... only to look forward to doing it over again and again for years to come. THAT'S what I want! Is this really too much to ask for?

About Theresa
I am 34 years old. I am 5’4” and I weigh 125 lbs, and that is my actual weight. I have blondish brown hair and blue eyes. I am independent with no dependents. I have a great job, with fabulous co-workers, but even they are starting to realize I may be wasting my talents not pursuing a career in marketing. After all of this, I think I have found my true passion with creative marketing. If you need assistance spicing up your next campaign, I would be more than happy to help. If you already have children that is great, and I will love them like my own, but I do want to have a child of my own so keep that in mind if you have no interest in having children in the future. I will add that I have learned there is an exception to every rule so if you think you’re the one for me, and this is an issue, let me hear about it. I drink socially, and I am a non-smoker. I will gladly dress to impress when need be, but I am most comfortable in my worn out jeans. I am a very outgoing, energetic person. If we were to go out to dinner, I may change my mind a dozen times before we actually arrive at a restaurant, but after 9pm the wait isn't long, and we didn't want to see that movie anyway. Ha. I am assertive, and always speak my mind, but on the other hand, I am a real sweetie, taking the neighborhood kids to McDonald's for lunch, to Sonic for Dessert, and to the pool all summer because none of their parents can last in the sun as long as I can. If I'm not looking out for six-year-olds, I am checking up on my dear friend, Gracie. She is 93 years old, and the sweetest, most fascinating woman I know. I listen to her talk about the love she has for her husband, and here is the touching part, he died 35 years ago. His name is Marley and she speaks of him like he is still here today. It is her dream, that I find my Marley. Don't let how you came across me stop you from writing to me. You could be my Marley. I would like to say that I have been very fortunate in my life. I have more friends than I have time to see, neighbors that are my home away from home, and a family in Ohio I would be lost without. If being single were my goal in life, I would have surpassed my goal ten times over.

I am originally from Ohio, and all of my family lives there, which means you will be required at times to accompany me to my hometown and be subjected to my family for long weekends. I have GREAT parents,two fantastic brothers, and a beautiful five-year-old niece.

I would love to say I am overwhelmed by the arts, that musicals and theatre are my biggest passion because this way I would sound much more intellectual, but I do believe in being honest, so if I said that I would be lying. If this type of event is your idea of a great night out, I will certainly open myself up to new experiences, which basically means I will do my best to stay awake during the show. I am just a simple girl and I like simple things. I am an absolute water fanatic so I love to spend my summers at the pool, on the lake, or hiking to a waterfall that I will kick off my shoes and jump into. So, that tells you, if you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you are already in the running. I enjoy sleeping in on the weekends and eating breakfast in bed. I enjoy cooking, and will gladly do it nightly for someone who gives me a reason to delete this website.

My Thoughts on Finances
Please do not misunderstand my next description because if you have lots of money that would be just fabulous, and would be a nice additional benefit, but here is a brief analogy of my outlook on finances. If I was to buy you a $200 watch for Christmas and it gets thrown in a drawer because you never leave home without your Rolex, you are probably way too fancy for me, and you should continue the search for your one true gold-digger. If we were married and I asked you for money to go shopping, I would be happy with $20 to head to the nearest thrift store to find some worn out Levi's! If you pass me up for someone else you may be handing out $2000 for Ann Taylor. This is $2000 that could go to enhance our swimming pool. (I’m really going to push this swimming pool thing)

My Thoughts on Sports
I myself am not a fan of sports, but I would like to say that I am a true fan of lounging around with someone I care about while HE watches guys pat each other on the backside. I am a firm believer that it’s all about compromise. I want quality time and you want sports. Let me take a nap on your chest while you rant and rave about what the quarterback is doing wrong, and we will both be happy. If you need bonding with the guys, that’s okay too, I will go out and spend your $20 mentioned earlier. If golfing with the guys on Saturday is what you want, play your 18, have a beer at 19, and I will be at the pool when you get home. My idea of fishing is casting a raft into a lake, but my father’s idea of fishing is heading to Wisconsin to cast day and night for musky. If you enjoy fishing, you are already in my father’s good graces. My idea of camping is pitching a picnic dinner on the living room floor to watch "Survivor" on Thursday nights. If you do this for me, I promise to "rough it" in the woods for you. My thoughts on Nascar are this… watching cars circle a track over and over and over, until there is a slight chance someone will crash and be fatally injured is not exactly my idea of a romantic Saturday afternoon, but if that is what it takes… I’ll stick it out until I see the checkered flag. And, last but not least, my thoughts on snow skiing. Girls who are afraid of heights should not be subjected to this sport. First there is the terrifying ride to the top attempting to hold skis, poles, and my heart inside my chest all at the same time, only to reach the top of the mountain and realize there is only one way down. In my opinion, there is only one thing worse than the terror of getting to the top and that is the terror of getting to the bottom. Trusting two pieces of wood to guide me down a mountain over slick snow at rapid speeds all the while dodging other people and trees… there simply is not enough medication to cure this type of anxiety. I am willing to do almost anything for the man I love, but some people were meant to stay in the lodge and drink hot cocoa.

Final Thoughts
At this point I have no way of knowing what you think about what I have done, but regardless, I truly believe it was worth the risk. It's amazing how many men have asked me why I would spend the money to do this, but if I had spent the money on breast implants that would have been the last question of the day. If nothing else, I have given you something amusing to read while you sit in traffic and an actual reason to go straight to your desk and surf the web while you drink coffee and let your boss pay for it. Whatever you think about my endeavor, whatever the outcome, this is the most fun my friends and I have ever had. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world, except maybe for the love of my life!

Special Thanks
I want to take this section to thank the people who have helped me put this crazy idea to life. Jim and Crissy, you are two of my favorite people in the world. Thank you for this idea. I know when you said it you were joking, but look how far we’ve come. Thank you, Jim, for designing this website. You really went above and beyond the call of duty for your wife’s friend. Julie, my oldest and dearest friend in Nashville, thank you for putting up with me for the last two months while I planned this adventure and for playing the role of photographer and critic. You are my best friend. Brian, for letting me use your digital camera. I guess now you know what the pictures were for. And, last but not least, Jim McIntyre, owner and designer of my billboard; you have been a saint. Thank you for your patience and support with my search for someone to share my life with. You’re the best! If I get married I hope you and your wife are there to see it. For Nashville's Best Interstate Billboards click here

Additional Thanks to those who have made being single… not so bad!

This is a personal section devoted to my friends. It is not a requirement for potential husbands to read this, but it will give you an insight as to who is important to me.

Johnnie Vegas, thank you for being the GREATEST and most loyal friend known to man for the last twenty years and for making me feel it was okay to do this. To my younger brother J, thanks for reminding me for the last 15 years that you would like a brother-in-law. I'm trying as hard as I can. I love you! Shawn, you have been like a brother to me for 15 years... how can I thank you for that? Lori, for all your worldly advice and for putting up with me over the years. Gracie, for everything... for all the stories you have shared with me, for convincing me to wait until the time is right, for simply making me a better person. Margaret, for having the courage to ask me to be your maid of honor when you know I am furious you are beating me to the altar. ha   I am honored to do this for you, and to have been your friend since the 7th grade. Julie & Amie and your sweet parents, (Jerry & Janice and Don & Candi) for always inviting me over on holidays when I could not be with my family. Barbara and Robert, you’re a true inspiration to marriage, and you're just always there for me when I need you. Natalie, for always being there to hang out with me, and making my single nights unforgettable. Christy A, so glad I introduced you to my friend, Terry so you could be married six months later (that didn't hurt my ego one bit... way to be there for me girl! ha) Karen, two bottles of Merlot will cure anything, right? Tracy, thank you for the vacation of a lifetime, and being my friend for 23 years. Kenny W, I wouldn't even know where to start. I could never thank you for all you have done for me. To my neighbor Chris, for taking my trash out every Wednesday for the last two years, and for all the dinners you’ve cooked for me when I was having a bad day. Lynn W. for all the dinners at Outback, and the talks that came with them. To Jamie H, Carolyn C, and Bill S, thanks for always staying in touch. Michele C and Amy R thank you for supporting this crazy endeavor. I needed some optimism. Danny W, Mr. Check Yes or No, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't know any of these people. Thanks for getting me to Nashville and for being a good friend this summer. Jaynee Day, remember when you told me I had to break up with my boyfriend? That really is the hardest I have ever laughed. To all the women who have offered their husbands, as they no longer really want them, I truly appreciate your generosity, but for now, I will have to decline. And, to all the musicians that played on this project... oh yeah, I'm selling marriage not a cd. ha

And, last but not least, to my parents, for always supporting me (with maybe the exception of billboard advertising). I AM the spitting image of my father, and when the day is done, my mother IS my biggest fan. I love you both so very much, and because of you... crazy or not, I am, "WHO I AM".

My Favorite Song
Who I Am

MY GOSH, I just realized, I may have too many friends for a husband. (just kidding :)

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